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Author Archives: Sleeveless Sundays

Music Review: The Arcade Fire – “Intervention”

How Springsteen is this song? Read More »

Music Review: TEPR – “Coke and Cream”

It's over 5 minutes (a generous helping!) of Instant Party. Read More »

Music Review: Bloc Party – “Prayer”

Honestly, this is closer to a t.A.T.u. song than a rock song. And I for one couldn't be happier. Read More »

Music Review: Tokyo Police Club – “Citizens of Tomorrow”

The intense weight of all those 7.9s and 6.8s and '3 1/2 bunnies out of 4' can really add up. Read More »

Music Review: The Blow – “Fists Up!”

Oregon is awash in musical talent. It is literally on fire. How many fantastic bands are going to come out of the Pacific Northwest? Is it the incessant rain? The dark grey isolation? The fact that it's more or less Canada? Menomena, The Decemberists, The Thermals, and Sleater-Kinney. The Shins moved there for gods sakes, and the list goes on! ... Read More »

Music Review: Diplo – “Shake It Over And Over” (Hot Chip Remix)

"Hot Chip will break your legs / Snap off your head." Are you kidding me? Read More »

Music Review: Math and Physics Club – “Darling Please Come Home”

The lead guitar bounces playfully around simple, effective lyrics. Read More »