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Book Review: Philosophy in 30 Days

The art of asking questions no one can answer is one way to define philosophy. So why is it so popular? Read More »

Book Review: How to Rule the World

Andre de Guillaume has done wide-ranging research to give this manual the ring of authenticity. Read More »

Book Review: Nelson’s Way– Lessons from the Great Commander

A guide to leadership through the lense of the life and deeds of Lord Nelson. Read More »

Book Review: Medici Money by Tim Parks

It’s not often you get to see a family business close-up over four generations. Thanks to the scrupulous accounting practices of 15th-century Florentines and the sparkling storytelling of Tim Parks, you can. Medici Money zooms in on the famous – or infamous – Medici banking dynasty, beginning with the prudent Giovanni di’ Benci de Medici in the late 1300s to ... Read More »

Book Review: The End of Oil by Paul Roberts

This is a subject you should be interested in. We all use oil, whether we like it or not. Read More »

Book Review: iPod, Therefore I Am by Dylan Jones

This book will open your eyes to a huge change in the way we consume media in the 21st century. Read More »

Book Review: Foreign Babes in Beijing

A five-year slice of life in China's capital through the eyes of a Westerner. Read More »

Book Review: The Art of Game Characters

Games are the new movies. That’s what they say. And if I have too much of a life to actually play games, at least I can read a book about them! The Art of Game Characters, however, is not really as much about games as it is about the timeless art of storytelling. Storytelling has always had – always needed ... Read More »

Review: The Last Samurai

At last! I fulfilled another patriotic duty by seeing another film that was made in New Zealand! [The author is from New Zealand] The Last Samurai is the kind of story we don’t get a lot of these days – an unashamedly romantic, epic piece. What’s most unusual is the attitude toward war shown in this film. It doesn’t glorify ... Read More »

Book Review: Sun After Dark by Pico Iyer

Time magazine’s William Boyd says, “Pico Iyer is among the finest travel writers of his generation.” I’d have to agree. Not that I’ve combed the breadth and depth of ‘travel writing’, but I have just loved Sun After Dark : Flights into the Foreign, Pico Iyer’s latest book. I got it expecting vivid descriptions of exotic locales, and that I ... Read More »