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The notion that an idea can become contagious, in precisely the same way that a virus does, is at once common-sensical and deeply counter-intuitive. So writes Malcolm Gladwell in his introduction to Seth Godin's revolutionary book Unleashing The Ideavirus. Thinkers such as Godin and Gladwell have changed the way people think about marketing. Instead of yelling at full volume to ... Read More »


Torah, as the foundation of Judaism, offers a vision of a liberated, meaningful life and the tools by which to achieve it. It lays down the revolutionary idea that true freedom is a state that you reach, not by pursuing your heart's desire, but by channelling your passions towards the service of God and other people. Although Torah narrowly refers ... Read More »


Judaism is a way of life that challenges it's adherents to use their freewill to carry out Abraham's mission of bettering the world. Judaism insists that a person live very much in this world, and the Torah texts and the mass of rabbinic literature reflects this. So much of what they talk about is how to simply be a mentsch, ... Read More »