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Podcasting: Is It The Future Or The Past?

serial podcast

At the grand old age of 59 I have lived through many technology revolutions and have a huge interest in the subject. The traditional way to get the news was through a newspaper. I liked the format. You never knew what was going to happen next. Turn the page and you found a whole new vista of discovery. The problem ... Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Embassy House’ by Sgt Morgan Jones and Damien Lewis


A behind the official curtains look at the attack on the US post in Benghazi that resulted in the death of four US citizens. Read More »

Book Review: Zero Six Bravo by Damien Lewis


It was 10 years ago that the second Gulf War erupted. Much has been written on the subject. Many people claim the issue should have been fixed the first time. The allied forces should have not driven the Iraqis back, but should have moved on to Baghdad and dealt with Saddam Hussein once and for all. 2003 ushered in what ... Read More »

Book Review: A Song For The World – The Amazing Story Of The Colwell Brothers And Herb Allen: Musical Diplomats by Frank McGee

A great and heartfelt work, Frank McGee has certainly done his homework, he follows the Colwell’s and Allen across the planet Read More »

An Interview With Gerrie Hugo About Africa Will Always Break Your Heart, Part Two

On apartheid: Africa Will Always Break your Heart is my final apology and effort to try and set the record straight." Read More »

An Interview With Gerrie Hugo About Africa Will Always Break Your Heart – Part One

"For too long the white man’s political views on the Southern tip of Africa were just cleverly disguised Nazism." Read More »

Book Review: Africa Will Always Break Your Heart by Gerrie Hugo

A hard look at South Africa during the grim age of apartheid. Read More »

TV Review: The Sundance Channel’s Big Ideas For A Small Planet – “Work”

“When most people go to work they leave their environmental ethics at the door," says Joel Makower. Read More »

An Interview With Damien Lewis About Cobra Gold

"My experiences with rebels armies, terrorists, war lords, freedom fighters, genocidal leaders ... is the powerhouse that drives my fictional writing." Read More »

Book Review: Cobra Gold by Damien Lewis

$50 million in gold, would you take it? Read More »