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It Takes a Government: Ideology Gaffe or Grammar Goof?

The president's thesis is that it takes a government for individuals to succeed disqualifies him from consideration for a second term. Read More »

The President and the Economy: Lowering the Performance Bar

A recent poll has given President Obama an out on his mishandling of the economy. But, it won't do him any good to take it. Read More »

With Unlimited Taxing Authority, Who Needs the Commerce Clause?

The Supreme Court surprised most observers by upholding Obamacare based on Congressional taxing authority. The implications are far worse than Obamacare itself. Read More »

The Curious Choice of Bill Clinton

With a failing economy staring him in the face, Barack Obama is casting about for an identity that allows him to escape responsibility. Bill Clinton is the wrong persona. Read More »

The Social Advocacy Lure: Whom Will It Catch?

Obama's reelection bid casts an appealing lure that hides a very nasty hook. Will it keep him in the White House? Read More »

Where’s a Presidential Apology When You Need One?

Obama has been excoriated for apologies he's never given. This time, he's truly wrong for not apologizing when he really, really should have. Read More »

Will Obama Step Aside or be Pushed?

President Obama's vitriolic partisanship has paralyzed our political process. Democrats would be much better served by another standard bearer. Will they make that change? Read More »

Democrats to Obama: Stay Out of Town

With the Super Committee struggling for middle ground, Obama is nowhere in sight. And some Democrats are happy about his absence. Read More »

To Flatten or Not to Flatten: Is that Really the Question?

Flat tax proposals are non-starters for almost too many reasons to count. So, why are the GOP hopefuls pushing them again? Read More »

Obama Roasted by Nuclear Option Fallout?

Can an incompetent president who refuses to negotiate win re-election? Obama's policies have created bigger problems and deeper debt. Does it matter? Read More »