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Author Archives: Sherize Kharyzma

Understanding Qi, Our Vital Life Force

Many cultures have a word that means energy and refer to the bio-energetic field of the human body. Words such as chi or qi (Chinese/Japanese), prana (Indian), and ruah (Hebrew) are all understood as the life force (vital to survival) that is part of ALL living things. Read More »

TCM’s Mighty Twelve Unite to Help Make It All Happen

Meridians, or energy channel, correspond to one of the twelve organs in the human body, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Read More »

Hairy Tales! Chronicles of a Hair Guru

The Hair Infusion method is the ONLY form of extension which maintains one’s own hair, while remaining damage free, beautiful & natural looking. Read More »

M+B Exposes Traditional Medicine Theories

Traditional medicine helps one understand what is wrong (illness), the Real Nature of sickness. Read More »

Cancer Update a Hoax?

With many lives dependent on the next cancer update breakthrough, some find amusement in offering false hope. Read More »