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The Myth of Willpower

You can learn to say "no." Read More »

Understanding “The Enemy”

How getting to know my now conservative friend helped me grow up and become a more open-minded liberal. Read More »

Catharsis vs. Craft

For me, blogging is catharsis, but journalistic writing is craft. Read More »

Japan Openly Abuses Foreigner Rights

Japan has been openly subjecting foreign residents to illegal searches and will soon track them like criminals. Read More »

Japan: A “Safety” Country

There's a big difference between "safe" and "safer than." Read More »

The Body Language of Prejudice

Visitors to Japan are told silently but unquestionably that they are different. Read More »

Book Review: Odd Girl Out by Rachel Simmons

An author finds the answers she wants to hear rather than seriously exploring the issue at hand. Read More »

Wallowing in Victimhood

The Japanese tend to talk as though WWII started in August, 1945. Read More »

Gays in Japan Stay In The Closet

Society is neither hostile nor sympathetic toward gays in Japan. Read More »

An Apology Goes a Long Way in Japan

Japan’s corporate takeover king goes to prison. Read More »