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“Last Locker on the Left”: What Glee Currently Has in Common with the Horror Genre

The creepy music, the tilting camera, and the almost supernatural presence of Karofsky at every corner in McKinley makes the show less gleeful and more horrific. Read More »

Amber Necklaces, Death Eaters, and Hockey Sticks: Why Fictional Bullies in Pop Culture Deserve a Second Chance

Bullying will always be a hotly contested issue, but its most famous villains are typically given a chance at redemption. Read More »

A House United: Celebrating the End of Jesse Spencer’s Underemployment

New season proves just as addictive, if not more so, than seasons past, thanks to writers highlighting Jesse Spencer. Read More »

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem: Lost‘s Fifth Season Opener Includes Everyone

...after three years, I wanted the writers to remember that I didn’t have a graduate degree in physics. Read More »

Whose Eyes Matter Now? Too Many Points of View in LOST

It is one thing for a television program to be thought-provoking or challenging to watch. It is another thing to be deliberately obtuse under the guise of creating pseudo-intellectual programming. The LOST premiere airs in a week, and we find out why six passengers begin new lives outside the confines of their island, but the central problem existing in this year’s ... Read More »

Curling Up With House, M.D.

When television is available for consumption through DVD, we spend more days curling up with our laptops than living real life. Read More »