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Book Review: It’s Hard Not to Hate You by Valerie Frankel

How do deal with negative feelings towards life and the people around you in some funny ways. Read More »

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Detective Jessie Warren helps abused women get away from their husbands and start over. Read More »

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Book Review: Me Again by Keith Cronin

Imagine waking up from a six year coma and forgetting so much more than you remember. Read More »

Book Review: Gray Love: A Black and White Affair by Maya Seymour

Love knows no color. Read More »

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Small town mysteries are always interesting. Read More »

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Book Review: Pinch Me by Adena Halpern

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Audio Book Review: Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

A little Jewish girl hides her young brother in a closet during the round-up in 1942. Read More »