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God and Gratitude

When the victorious thank Jesus, what are they thanking Him for? Read More »

Does Violence Have to Be Taught?

People need to be taught how not to be violent. Read More »

What if Homosexuality is Biological?

Some believe homosexuality is biologically determined. If they are right, what does this say about the morality of it? Read More »

Are You Really a Liberal?

Do you know what liberalism is? Are you sure? Read More »

Toward a More Savage Nation

Talk show host Michael Savage may run for president. How would he affect the election process? Read More »

Rudolph Giuliani? What Were We Talking About?

The media may fantasize about Rudy, but he has absolutely no chance of becoming president. Read More »

The Temperature Also Rises

Sure, the globe is warming. So what? Would you rather have an ice age? Read More »

The Virtue of Giving Offense

Hey, I'm offended that you're offended. You wanna make something of it? Read More »

The Barker and the Shill

There's a movement afoot to stifle free speech - targeting those who are honest about who they are. Read More »

Let’s Talk About the Butterflies and the Bees

Was Muhammad Ali as flawed a man as he was great a boxer? Read More »