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Selena is a professional blogger who writes mainly for daily life financial issues. Also she loves sharing her knowledge on various topics of news and important matters.

MMO DNA: Five Types of Gamers you will Encounter Online

Image via Flickr by Cosmic Kitty

You never know, the person you decided was a rage raider may actually be a quest-er on a bad day. Read More »

Only the Good Die Young: 7 Stars Who Died at 27

Image via Flickr by Roland Tanglao

It's a sad fact that many great artists died too soon through untimely tragedies or the consequences of bad habits. Was there any way these stars could have turned things around? Read More »

Hidden Medieval Castles Waiting To Be Discovered in Germany

Drachenburg Castle

Travel off the beaten path to find a piece of history that's just waiting to be explored. Read More »

Too Many in UK Addicted to Credit

Bad Addiction Credit

The Government may be talking recovery and growth, but there's a growing debt crisis, and the responsibility for reducing debt remains with the individual. Read More »

More Companies Offering Seniors Term Life Insurance

Senior Life

It's about time life insurance companies realized that the senior population is living longer and healthier. Read More »

The Seven Most Awe-Inspiring Sports Venues in the World

New Wembley, London

Venue #1: Munich Olympic Park, Germany Why it’s awesome: An aerial view of the harmonic structures in the Munich Olympic Park may cause you to think that it’s been overrun by spiderwebs, but it’s really the awesomeness of the entire stainless steel and acrylic structure against the serenely green backdrop that made it one of the most cherished “Green Olympics” ... Read More »

Apple iPad Air Review


This is a tablet for the tablet purist, not just the dedicated Appleista, and may wean some users away from their beloved laptops. Read More »

Eurozone’s ‘Flower Children’ Have Been the Lucky Generation

The Hippie Flower

The independence long sought by the '60s generation is coming to fruition now, while for today's younger generation things are much harder. Read More »

Mortgage Giants to Extend Relief to Hurricane Affected Borrowers

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac provide mortgage relief. Read More »