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West Relinquishes Mubarak!

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is on the brink of losing power only because the imperialist west lost confidence in him. Read More »

Egypt Protesters Do Not Relent for Election Promise

Unless Egyptians choose their own solution, their problems of unemployment, poverty and corruption will not be solved by the west-sponsored ElBaradei and likes. Read More »

India’s Apex Court Takes on Political Corruption

Whenever the conditions force the people to lose belief in the existing socio-economic system, one of the wings of the state assumes radical role of correcting wrong. Read More »

Development Model of EMEs Goes Against Environment Protecting Laws

Free market economic system did not allow developed countries to bind to environment protection laws and will not allow EMEs to do so. Read More »

The West Condemns Sentencing of Russian Business Tycoon

America and its western allies should first observe international rule of law before preaching principles of justice to the world. Read More »

Trade Disputes Erupt over Export Quotas of Rare Earth Minerals

Self-oriented China is preserving domestic mineral resources and investing in overseas mining of several metal and subconductor material ores. Read More »

China Worries More for EU’s Growth Than for Its Own People

China's interest in European financial stability rather than in improving the living standards and purchasing capacity of its own people will push it into chaos. Read More »

The ‘Star Leaker’ Becomes a Leak Victim

There seems to be prima facie evidence to prove Julian Assange is liable for punishment, according to his own words. Read More »

Iran Hit by Sanctions, Cut Subsidies

Iran announced substantial cut in subsidies paid on energy and food items indicating the affect of international sanctions imposed by UNSC and EU. Read More »

Is Germany’s Security Protected in Afghanistan?

Germany's Foreign Minister has invented a strange defense policy for his country during his visit to Afghanistan. Read More »