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Book Podcasting

Holtzbrinck Publishers is podcasting to promote new books. Read More »

First Impressions: “ES”

Satoshi Tomiie's new mix album ES, like any good dance mix collection, has a theme: the return of acid house. Read More »

CBGB’s Trouble

The problems of legendary NYC music club CBGB are more complicated than just increased rent. Read More »

Bashing Intellectual Morons

Dan Flynn, weblogger and author of Intellectual Morons, took time out to speak with me at CPAC. Read More »

HOF Chutzpah

The Rock and Roll Hall of fame is suing to stop the Jewish Rock and Roll Hall of Fame from coming online. A R&RHOF lawyer said, I don’t think people would know the difference (between the two). We have a lot of Jewish rock and rollers in the Hall of Fame. … It’s like saying the Jewish Oscars or the ... Read More »

Book Review–I Am Charlotte Simmons

You'd think a 74-year old man would not be able to portray such an environment with any accuracy. Read More »

Led Zeppelin to be Honored at Grammys

Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin and Jerry Lee Lewis will receive lifetime achievement awards at this year's Grammy Awards, organizers said Tuesday. Read More »

First Impressions: “Like You Like an Arsonist”

Thank God for iTunes. It's how I discovered a real treat in the new album Like You Like an Arsonist. Read More »

Get Out of the Cold

Escape: St. Barth's transports you to a place of sand, sun, and warm, fun house music. Read More »

The Da Vinci Phenomenon

A review of The Da Vinci Code makes me happy I've ignored that neverending bestseller. Read More »