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The Science of Climate Change

A few key reasons why climate scientists think humans are mostly responsible for our warming Earth. Read More »

Collision Course

Bush's latest assertion of executive privilege seems guaranteed to provoke not one, but two Supreme Court rulings on the extent of executive power. Read More »

Bush’s Rhetorical War in Iraq

The president employs a bagful of rhetorical tricks to shore up support for the war and avoid responsibility. Read More »

Lewis Libby versus Marc Rich

Today's Democrats are acting almost exactly like Republicans did in 2001 -- and for good reason. Read More »

Bald Eagles and Me

My children will never really understand why I get a lump in my throat every time I see a bald eagle. Read More »

Bush Looks to his Legacy

As his administration winds down, the president is making proposals intended to make him look good to history. Read More »

“The Myth of Muslim Silence”

We expect more from moderate Muslims than we expect from ourselves. Read More »

Memories of Greensburg, Kansas

I've only been to Kansas once, and I only visited one town when I was there - and now it's been destroyed. Read More »

The High Price of Animal Shelters

Animal shelters kill two million dogs a year. It's time for a collective effort to rebalance the animal economy: increase demand and reduce supply. Read More »

Sampson In The Hot Seat – A Convincing Performance, Mostly

Kyle Sampson defended the prosecutor firings as legal. His boss Alberto Gonzales gets the knife - and the Administration's reputation is further tattered. Read More »