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"DIY" stands for do-it-yourself. A famous TV show called This Old House was a DIY show hosted by Bob Vila. Bob and his crew would film home improvement projects delivering a deeper look into how these projects were managed and performed. If you look at the success of Home Depot its clear that people are taking a serious interest in ... Read More »


Soup is a liquid food that consists of a stock made with meat, fish or vegetables and often contains pieces of vegetables, meat or fish, or nearly any other ingredient the cook chooses to add. Popular soups in the U.S. include chicken soup, tomato soup, and pea soup, but people the world over enjoy soups of many different types. While ... Read More »


Cars, which are the most popular form of individual transportation in the U.S., come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Consumers choose cars based on the vehicle's intended purpose, whether it be basic family transportation or high performance fun. Cars require regular maintenance. These maintenance items can be found in the owners manual which comes with every vehicle. It ... Read More »


Racing can be described as a way to compete and measure performance between people, cars, horses, and many others. Racing is usually based on time, with the winner being the one which had the lowest time. When people race a marathon they are participating in a competition in which the person who crosses the finish line first wins. People who ... Read More »

how to

How-to is a term, which describes procedures required to perform certain tasks. These procedures are becoming more widely available as information on the Internet continues to grow. We are all learning ways in which "how-to" can enlighten us allowing discovery of information and new ideas. Before we had the Internet and tools like search engines to do our research, we ... Read More »


Tools are an important part of our everyday lives.  They have evolved over time to allow us to work smart and not hard. A carpenter uses tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, and saws. A software engineer may use tools such as Google Analytics to measure the traffic to a website.  Tools allow us to accomplish things that are beyond what ... Read More »