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Writing My Memoir

Inspired by James Frey's semi-truthful memoir, I've decided to write my own potential Oprah book club selection. Read More »

Wanted: New FEMA Chief. No experience necessary

Michael Brown had neither the skills nor experience to run FEMA. That didn't stop him from being hired. Alas. Read More »

It was a dark and stormy night…”

A preview of Saddam Hussein's action-packed autobiography--a tell-all tall tale for the ages Read More »

Wars and Remembrance

The Russians commemorate the end of a bloody war that did not bring an end to their oppression. Read More »

The Nukes are on the Roof

Heard the one about the cat and the mullahs? It's a blast! Read More »

Dog Bites Man

A cartoon in the Washington Times may spell the end for Pakistan's Pervez Musharraf. Read More »

Ode to My iPod

A small device inspires flights of rapture. Read More »

Responding to Disaster

Why do we respond to natural disasters and man-made ones in such different ways? Read More »

Mays Daze

A review of architect Daniel Libeskind's new memoir tells us more about the reviewer than about the book. Read More »

Plum Pudding

P.G. Wodehouse wrote some of the most uproarious novels in the English language. A new biography recounts his life. Read More »