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Insanity in the Time of Cholera

Out of touch or simply mad – Robert Mugabe and the suffering in Zimbabwe. Read More »

Why is South Africa Supporting Oppression and Torture Abroad?

You shouldn't just cry, beloved country, you should be ashamed. Read More »

Jesus Would Vote for Obama

What would Jesus do if he could vote in the US elections? He would vote for Obama Read More »

Will the ANC Rule South Africa Until Jesus Comes Back?

Jacob Zuma says Jesus Christ wants the South African ruling party to rule forever. Read More »

“Don’t Shatter the Darfur Peace Process”: What Peace Process?

An indictment of Sudan's president will not shatter the Darfur peace process. There is no peace process to shatter. Read More »

Darfur and Sudan: A Revolution in the Making

Something radical and revolutionary will have to happen to end the protracted conflict and human suffering in Darfur. Read More »

Libyan Colonel Gaddafi’s Attack on Barack Obama

Libyan Colonel Gaddafi on Obama, African inferiority complex, and Israel Read More »

Beating, Raping, Burning, and Killing Foreigners in South Africa

In South Africa, fellow Africans are being raped, beaten, burned, and hacked to death. Read More »

China Arming Zimbabwe’s Dictator

The Olympic flame now symbolizes repression in China and support of dictatorships and oppression around the world. Read More »

Nelson Mandela is Still a Terrorist

The United States government still has Nelson Mandela on its terrorist watch list Read More »