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Interview: Patti Novak, ‘America’s Toughest Matchmaker,’ on Love, Relationships, and Matchmaking


Matchmakers are making a resurgence, and Patti Novak is leading the charge. Read More »

Interview: Tricks of the Trade with Jennifer McGann, Director of Cosmetology at Tricoci University

Jennifer McGann teaching

The cosmetology expert talks about about her career in fashion, tips and tricks she's learned along the way, and much more. Read More »

The Most Famous Trees Destroyed by Man

Learn about the oldest and most historic trees that we lost due to indifference or outright malice. Read More »

Growing a New Look for Trees

You might be surprised to see what humans have shaped some trees into. Read More »

Pheromones and the Ant Mill Phenomenon

One of the most startling examples of pheromones at work in nature is the ant mill spiral of death. Read More »

Interview: Intellectual Property Attorney Richard Newman on False Advertising in the Consumer Age

Facts about truth in advertising. Read More »

Interview: Divorce Attorney Emily McBurney on Divorce Law and Retirement Funds

Emily McBurney specializes in QDRO law, and according to her, it is crucial for a couple to fully appreciate the importance of splitting retirement funds. Read More »

Insuring the Invaluable – An Interview with VP Mike Maley of Jeweler’s Mutual

Unlike car insurance or home owner's insurance, the benefit of jewelry insurance is greatly under-appreciated, according to Mike Maley – vice president of jewelry insurance company Jeweler's Mutual. Read More »

Interview: Edward Langley of The Hollingsworth Group on Who’s Buying Up NYC Property

The founder of The Hollingsworth Group shares some of his knowledge and expertise on the foreign buyer scene in New York City. Read More »

Improving Your Property Value with a Garden Pond

Ben Gable of Gabel Gardening discusses improving your home with a garden pond. Read More »