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Life Issues, the Election and Obama

Abortion, Real Conservatism, and the "moderate" Barack Obama Read More »

Clinton vs. Obama: Who’s Fighting For What?

Bill Clinton is making his wife's presidential campaign about him. Read More »

A Federalist’s Case for the Federal Marriage Amendment: Part I

Same-sex marriage should not be legalized, and here's why. Read More »

Roe v. Wade: The Showdown

As Louisiania and Mississippi plan to follow South Dakota's lead, a national showdown on abortion looks imminent. Read More »

Protecting Real Choice In Michigan

Planned Parenthood takes the wrong side of choice yet again. Read More »

Movie Review: Saving Private Ryan

This Memorial Day, celebrate our troops with the one of the greatest war films ever made. Read More »

Remembering, But Not Honoring

Confederate pride? No thanks. Read More »

The Evil of Moussaoui and The Left

When the Left won't open their eyes, terrorists will do it for them. Read More »

State Educational Board Changes History Reference

C.E., B.C., and BS in Kentucky. Read More »

A Message To Feminists

Lessons on priority. Read More »