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The Best Songs of 2004 [Biased in favor of the electronica genre]

I can’t say this has been a bad year for music, but a number of major names have had disappointing releases. Because of personal preferences, the list is heavily biased in favor of electronica outfits. In no particular order, the tracks are: 1. Crystal Method ft Lisa [Bellrays] – “Realizer” [The standout track from an outstanding album, Legion of Boom. ... Read More »

The Goatrance Primer

In the summer of ’97, I was unknowingly initiated into psytrance via a track by Hallucinogen, called “L.S.D.”. I couldn’t define the music back then, but it was a welcome change from The Prodigy and its various clones . In early 2000, I downloaded a few tunes by Juno Reactor, who were creating a style of music called Ethno-techno. I ... Read More »