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More Evidence to Indicate Whole Body Vibration to be Ineffective

A review of methodologically sound studies done by researchers finds that evidence in support of whole body vibration is severely lacking. Read More »

Speed Not Enhanced by Whole Body Vibration Training

A review of research prompts New Zealand-based researchers to conclude WBV training doesn’t increase an athlete’s speed. Read More »

The NFL’s Drug Problem Rears Its Ugly Head, Again

The worst-kept secret in all of sports, the National Football League's performance-enhancing drug problem, is back in the spotlight. Read More »

Ignore the “Obese Police”

I’m not talking about cops who are fat, but rather the butt-in-skis who are obsessed with body weight and body fat. Read More »

Ryan Fowler Is Latest NFL Player Implicated By David Jacobs

Before he killed himself, drug dealer David Jacobs allegedly implicated the Tennessee Titans linebacker a performance enhancing drug use/seller. Read More »

Let Dwain Chambers Run In The Olympics

Chambers the drug cheat did the crime and has served his time. Let him run and see what happens. Read More »

The Ramble: Steroids are Worse Than Gambling, Drug Free Olympics Impossible, Trevor Graham Trial Fallout, Horses on Steroids and the Dog Days of June

Talk of steroids, human growth hormone, EPO continue to dominate in the world of sports. Read More »

Government Is Involved With Everything We Do, Not Just Sports

Congress and other branches of the federal government are willing to involve themselves in the business of sport. Why is this a surprise? Read More »

The Ramble: Steroids, Steroids Everywhere and Human Growth Hormone Too

Stories related to steroids (and other PEDs) dominate the sports pages, from the Kentucky Derby to the NFL, from baseball to the Olympics. Read More »

The Ramble: Steroid Busts, Steroid Tests, Steroid Trials, Steroid Investigations, And Falling Production

In the past week there have been a ton of stories dealing with steroids and human growth hormone (HGH). Read More »