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In the End, Only Kindness Matters

Sometimes you learn life lessons in the most random of places. Read More »

Ladies, Ten Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem

Rubens’ nudes and Renoir’s bathing beauties illustrate the look of a real woman. Read More »

The World Needs Us

We need idealism and romance injected straight into our blood torrent. Read More »

Ten Reasons Why We Latinas like Older Men

We began to discuss men (what else can four single women do?) and I quickly realized that we Latinas follow a pattern. Read More »

The Point is Living an Extraordinary Existence

As Jeunet’s extraordinary film Amelie states well, every life, no matter how ordinary, can become something extraordinary if you choose to live it that way. Read More »

Welcome to the Third World

You might find a Starbucks in Santiago, Chile's capital, but a cup of hot coffee will probably cost you your firstborn. Read More »