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Music Review: The Society Islands – ‘The Big Sleep’

The Society Islands600 Cover

'The Big Sleep' guides listeners through an interesting auditory dream. Read More »

Music Review: Michael Cullen – ‘True Believer’

True Believer Cover

The nine tracks of 'True Believer' are built around Michael Cullen’s baritone to create an interesting listening experience. Read More »

Music Review: Joe Con – ‘I Choose You’ EP

Joe Con's 'I Choose You'

Joe Con puts together quite successfully hip-hop and folk in his newest EP, ‘I Choose You’. Read More »

Music Review: Everlost – ‘The Hardest Thing to Say’ EP


'The Hardest Thing to Say’ showcases the potential that Everlost has to grow into a great pop punk band. Read More »

Music Review: Lily Lambert – ‘So Far’

Lily Lambert Cover

'So Far’ is an album for listeners looking for inspiration and hope for the future, while acknowledging the current condition of the world. Read More »

Music Review: Michael Leonard Witham – ‘A Scandal in the Violets’

A Scandal in the Violets

The dark lyrics come in sharp contrast to the sometimes quite jaunty tunes, and always to the story of how Witham got into the music industry. Read More »

Book Review: ‘What Would Mary Berry Do?’ by Claire Sandy

What Would Mary Berry Do?

Who would have thought that the story of a normal family living a normal life and dealing with normal things in a normal way would be captivating? Read More »

Book Review: ‘Populatti’ by Jackie Nastri Bardenwerper


A young adult novel about social media that does not slip into clichés and extremes, ‘Populatti’ provides good food for thought in an entertaining book. Read More »

Music Review: Nehedar – ‘The Warming House’

Nehedar's 'The Warming House'

A little bit of a lot of elements come together surprisingly well in an album that offers interesting insight into its composer. Read More »

Music Review: aCr – ‘Ghost Note Manifest’

Ghost Note Manifest

'Ghost Note Manifest' is a trio of interesting songs from aCr, one of which paints a very vivid scene. Read More »