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Music Review: Opium Denn – ‘Demarkation’

Opium Denn 'Demarkation'

‘Demarkation’ makes for a good listen based on strong production values. Read More »

Music Review: Jack the Radio – ‘Badlands’

Jack the Radio 'Badlands'

A little bit of many genres, styles, and even decades comes together in 'Badlands', tied together by a strong pop country flavour. Read More »

Music Review: Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders – ‘Go By Myself’

Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders "Go By Myself"

Eerie, yet universal, 'Go By Myself' is bound to make listeners question the way they live this supposed “modern” life. Read More »

Music Review: Idiot Grins – ‘Big Man’

Idiot Grins 'Big Man'

Idiot Grins’ ‘Big Man’ is made of 11 tracks that span a variety of styles and genres. Read More »

Music Review: Alnilam – ‘Indigo Sky’

Alnilam 'Indigo Sky'

‘Indigo Sky’ makes for an ethereal listen. Read More »

Music Review: Cashavelly Morrison – ‘The Kingdom Belongs to a Child’

'The Kingdom Belongs to a Child' Cashavelly Morrison

There is a sweetness that pierces through the melancholy that makes ‘The Kingdom Belongs to a Child’ all the more powerful. Read More »

Music Review: Mleo – ‘Sunken City’

Mleo 'Sunken City'

Mleo is a band well worth getting to know. Read More »

Music Review: Jas Patrick – ‘Inky Ovine’ EP

Jas Patrick 'Inky Bovine'

‘Inky Bovine’ is filled with numerous sounds that wrap up in a neat package brought together by soulful and rich vocals. Read More »

Music Review: Nemo James – ‘The Minstrel’

Nemo James 'The Minstrel'

A collection of 17 soothing (for the most part), slow-tempo ballads. Read More »

Music Review: Jordan Okrend – ‘World Keeps Turnin’’ EP

'World Keeps Turnin' Jorden Okrend

Everyone needs some of the positivity that shines through in Jordan Okrend’s latest offering. Read More »