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mystic river | endless shades of grey

Note: This review gets heavily into plot, so if you don’t want to know some of the major plot lines in this film, then see the film first. This review will be a spoiler if you haven’t seen the film or read the book. That said, you can read this and still enjoy the film – just expect to know ... Read More »

beauty will be convulsive

I’ve been reading a lot of philosophy lately, going back to my roots of the ancient Greeks and I came across a lovely little book called “On Beauty and Being Just” by Elaine Scarry. I had been thinking in lofty terms lately – notions of true Beauty and Love, all with capital letters, and wondering if such things existed, and ... Read More »

it’s just a silly phase i’m going through | charisma, you

Suppose you count yourself lucky because people love you – men and women alike seem to fall at your feet (metaphorically, we hope), and it’s not because you’re so damn gorgeous because the truth is there is always someone more beautiful – really, and also, there’s no one size fits all beauty, so what may be beautiful to one is ... Read More »

lover’s spit | oh, adultery again

I had written a review of The End of the Affair, the film adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel, for Blogcritics – a film, I felt captured an affair as realistically as any I’ve seen, for there is both romance and pain, and at the end, though this may not always be the case in life, Sarah, one of the lovers ... Read More »

is it really the end of the affair?

Not long ago, I read a great article on Blogcritics that was about Julianne Moore, an actress I’ve long admired, and though her work lately has tended to the too commercial for my tastes (the bad comedy with Pierce Brosnan that I saw on the plane on the way home from France – not my thing). But I remember Moore ... Read More »

not everyone’s a napoleon– just some

It’s always disturbing to see someone harassed at work; to hear the snide gossip, the nasty comments, etc, and always it is awful to see a woman, or for that matter a man, sexually harassed by a co-worker or worse a superior. But today I speak of these things, but more, I write again of bullying, as I have in ... Read More »

all blue gas charisma | the self-love sermon

An old and dear friend reminded me the other day of the shortness of life and the importance of self-love, and while I wanted to laugh it off and say it was all hokey, as indeed perhaps it is, I couldn’t help but know there was some validity to what he said and that likely bothered me more than anything ... Read More »

Beyond Indigo | an interview with the brave, the bold Kelly Baltzell, President

A few years ago, my plane was grounded by a snowstorm as I returned home from my grandfather’s funeral in February. Layovers like this are never welcome and with the tears and the grief and my grandfather’s rings in my hand, I was in no shape to be sitting still in an airport. By sheer chance, I was seated in ... Read More »