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Politicking: The Big Workplace Boredom & Bullies

Am I the only person in the world who refuses to play? Am I the last kid chosen for the team because I suck at dodge ball or that red plastic ball/thing that teachers sadistically make kids throw at each other for a half an hour each day and that hits and smacks them in the leg (as I once ... Read More »

DVD Review: House of Voices

Note: Some elements of the plot are noted here - the basic premise and some details. If you want to see the film "clean" and without a review, then don't read this one. However, if you are trying to decide or have seen it and want a different take, please dive on in... thanks. s.r.p. Read More »

Centrum Silver Already?

How terrifying is it that in a year or so I qualify for the Heritage Plan? Or at least according to my television and one funerary insurance company I will. That, within a year or so, at least a portion of GenXers will qualify for funeral benefits along with those born after 1920. Yes, that’s 1920 through the mid to ... Read More »

Be There

Some thoughts for the moment... Now that i have recovered from jet-lag and am back full on writing, i had some thoughts to share, which may or may not interest you. If not, never mind and don't read, but if they do... Here goes... Cheers all, sadi r-p Read More »

Inside Deep Throat – An Interview with Harry Reems

With the upcoming release of the video Inside Deep Throat, ~ the video that tells the back story behind Deep Throat and the controversy surrounding the film ~ Harry Reems is just as energetic and youthful and exuberant now as he was some thirty odd years ago when he played a major starring role in the film Deep Throat, the ... Read More »

Create Your Own Myth: The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

You have to love Dylan if for nothing but his sense of humor, the way he admittedly fed his first publicist a line of bullshit in an early interview for most of the inside copy for his first Columbia album Bob Dylan. It set a precedent that would become a sort of cat and mouse game that he would play ... Read More »

Bocce On Sunday

It’s a cool 72 degrees today and Antonio is sitting on the sidelines. Normally, his name is “shooter” or it is when he’s playing. But today, on this cool, almost autumn, or Autumnal, day he is just Antonio. Together we watch the game. Bocce, for those who do not know, is a game that involves two teams who must throw ... Read More »

Could It Really Be So Good? Never

One week and I will be there. Just one week and I will board a plane to Paris where I always feel at home because no matter how many times I hear the French are rude or any number of such comments, I’ve never found it to be so. Whether you speak the language or not, you can fit in ... Read More »