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The Worst of America- The Best of America

When I saw the looters on TV I thought to myself, this is the worst of America. I was wrong. The worst of America are the race-baiters and the Monday morning quarterbacks who have come out in the wake of the disaster response, even before the job is done. Read More »

The New Divisiveness

People are saying the country is really divided these days, worse than they can remember. What is this new divisiveness and has is really gotten worse? Read More »

Roberts Nomination Confounds the Left

The left is looking for anything to derail President Bush's nominee to the Supreme Court, John Roberts. They appear to be grasping at straws as anyone but the shrillest lefties like Barbara Boxer and Teddy Kennedy are saying Roberts is a stand up guy, bright and qualified. Some are now saying there will not be a filibuster to block his appointment. Read More »

War of the Worlds

Because this movie contains wanton killing of innocent civilians and destruction of property, I could not help but think that this is what it would look like if Islamic terrorists had access to numerous weapons of mass destruction. Read More »

Bush Doctrine- Changes in American Foreign Policy

Why did the US remove a dictator it once supported and replace his government with a representative democracy? Read More »

Supreme Court Decision- Castle Rock vs Gonzales

This case is about a woman who had a restraining order against her estranged husband. It means that this woman did not have an expectation that the police would protect her even though she had a restraining order. It means that the government cannot protect you despite the fact that they promulgate that myth. Read More »

More Troops Killed- Who’s Responsible?

Why does the insurgency in Iraq seem to be gaining in determination, instead of fading away? The majority of Iraqi's expressed a clear desire for democracy in their historic election. Read More »

Chinese Oil Company Offers $18.5 Billion for Unocal

What could the effect be on US oil distribution and prices if one major player goes away and the reserves were no longer slated to be distributed here? Read More »

Social Security The Rip-Off Continues

Social Security reform took a left turn yesterday as Republicans turned their support away from President Bush's private accounts idea, and away from true reform. Read More »