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No Laughing Matter: The Education of Hyman Kaplan

Have you ever wondered why you laugh when a clown trips and falls, or a toddler misuses a word, or a friend makes a silly mistake? According to superiority theory, the oldest and one of the most prominent theories of humor, people find funny those things that most make them aware of their own superiority. It’s the TLC theory of ... Read More »

A Wealth of Opportunity: The Helen Keller Story

The Story of My Life raises the question: what if Helen Keller had been poor? Read More »

The Buddhist Alliance: Eckhart Tolle and David Foster Wallace

Eckhart Tolle and David Foster Wallace appear to share a certain surprising interest. Read More »

Book Review: The Pearl by John Steinbeck

Steinbeck shows us that grand treasures and grand illusions are sometimes one and the same. Read More »

Why Fiction Matters: Salman Rushdie and The Sea of Stories

Salman Rushdie's novel Haroun and The Sea of Stories offers us insight into why we read. Read More »