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Ultimate Breakup / Divorce Mix

This is the soundtrack to my divorce. I submit my Ultimate Divorce / Breakup Mix for consideration, criticism, and inquiries to further study. Please contribute if you have any feelings about this at all. Read More »

Fight Club and Crème Sherry

The movie begins at the end, and fasts backwards to the beginning of despair of manhood. "Bob had bitch tits." The support group for testicular cancer survivors portends the emasculation our society has embraced, wept over, and become addicted to. Read More »

House of Sand and Fog

When I sat down to watch The House of Sand and Fog, I was leery of this “drama” and expected a sleeper. I was pleasantly surprised by a riveting tale with two protagonists, who are also one in the same as the two antagonists. The difficulty seems to have no clear cut “good guy” and “bad guy” so one continues watching trying to figure out who to root for. Read More »

Beer Review: Abbey Grand Cru – New Belgium Brewery

New Belgium, the makers of the excellent Fat Tire, and 1554, also put out a Belgian style ale by the name of Abbey Grand Cru. Though not as smooth as other Belgians, such as Chimay Grande Reserve, the Abbey has a decent yeasty flavour to it making it a good “average day” substitute. The colour of this Belgian is beautiful ... Read More »

Time Troopers DVD Game – BEqual

Time Troopers by BEqual, “Smart Games For Family Fun,” is a DVD based trivia game, along the lines of Trivial Pursuit DVD, but without the pies, and about history, as it is published in cooperation with the History Channel. The classic spoke wheel is replaced by a spiral galaxy-like spinning wheel. John Cleese hosts the show as Agent Wormold of ... Read More »

The Bourne Supremacy – Matt Damon

Matt Damon really is an excellent actor. He shines in the role of Jason Bourne in the Bourne Identity series. The characters were authentic from the first one, however they progressed the story well. We are privy to some details of the mystery of Jason Bourne’s identity that he is not, which makes following his questions and actions a little confusing. Thankfully, we get to see the world through Jason’s eyes most of the time, and this brings excitement to the film. Read More »

Selective Reduction – An Opinion

Amy Richards had a selective reduction procedure. Apparently this is *not* a hoax, joke, or satire. Here is Amy’s Bio. And another bio. Perspective from the other side of the fence. A pro-choice perspective. How have we in America become so confused as to what our relationships mean? The marriage relationship is not about our own happiness as much as ... Read More »

The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai is a Tom Cruise film about a hero of the American west being hired by the Emperor of Japan to train his imperial military for the purpose of suppressing a Samurai rebellion, and bringing Japan into the modern world. Nathan Abred is a drunk who is drowning his memories of American atrocities committed against native people. This ... Read More »

John Vanderslice – The Cellar Door

John Vanderslice is a wordsmith who deals in half-statements and metaphors intended to illicit a certain emotive response to his tirades. The musical accompaniment is daring, in that instead of pushing “forward” to more digitally precise sounds, he moves “backward” to sloppy production style and inclusion of ambient noises. Read More »