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OScommerce was first released in 2000 as an open source ecommerce platform by its founder Harald Ponce de Leon. It requires PHP and a MySQL database, and is flexible as a result of allowing add-ons that can be found in their community or custom written to meet a unique need. Part of the success of OScommerce is a result of ... Read More »


The term webmaster is a catch all phrase for someone who takes care of all the functions of a website. These functions would include web design, development, promotion, and the general maintenance of a website. Webmasters usually have a thorough understanding of HTML and scripting languages such as PHP or ASP. They are typically the most visual person within their ... Read More »


A combination of the words iPod and broadcast, podcasts are like portable radio programs that can be played on computers or made portable with personal media devices. A podcast can be created with free software and an inexpensive microphone, or with top of the line audio equipment for a professional feel. This flexibility allows almost anyone to create a podcast ... Read More »