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Forget Detention, Just Tell Everyone You’re Gay

It’s been a little quiet in the ongoing battle between Texas and Florida for which state has the title of most intolerant and stupid population. Florida, who was already winning the homophobia category, put the final nail in Texas to win the 2005 top honors with this gem: In an elementary school in Orange Park, FL, two 6th graders we’re ... Read More »

U.S. Sponsors Discrimination.

More of our democracy and formerly “free” country got flushed down the toilet last week when the House of Republicans voted to allow states to freely discriminate against American citizens on the basis of religion. That’s right, we can already freely discriminate against gays in this country, now we can add religion to the list of the discriminated. The Republican-led ... Read More »

Gay Marriage is OK in Massachusetts

Well gay marriages have been legal in Massachusetts for a year now and for some reason society has not collapsed. This hot button issue. which many credit as leading the Republicans to victory in 2004 elections, has lost some steam since it was used to whip Christian Conservatives into a holy frenzy of frothy rabid goodness that led 11 states ... Read More »

“Under God” Is Unconstitutional

The Pledge of Allegiance with the 1954 addition of “under God” was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge yesterday. The decision clears the way for the pledge to be barred in the schools affected by the suit; however, it also puts the case on the fast track back to the Supreme Court. The Pledge was already ruled unconstitutional by the ... Read More »

The Perfect God

Have you ever tried to have a conversation about religion with a devout Christian only to find them completely unable to debate rationally? Read More »

On The 8th Day, God Created Morons

If you ever want to find a place where Evolutionists and Creationists can get along in pure non-sensical peace, take a trip to the Museum of Earth History in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Here you can see wonderful exhibits of dinosaurs right alongside exhibits for The Garden of Eden and The Tower of Babel. The museum offers “high-quality, scientific exhibits displayed ... Read More »

When Truth Becomes Irrelevant.

I really don’t like a lot of things going on in the world, but one of my biggest pet peeves besides bad customer service, is people who refuse to take responsibility for anything in life and go out of their way to blame others for their own problems. We have another story on the same subject today. In New Hampshire, ... Read More »

Intelligent Design Evolves!

For awhile now we’ve been seeing an on-going war between scientific thinkers who view natural selection and evolution as the accepted theory of life on earth and the people who favor the ridiculous, yet strongly held belief in Creationism – which is basically the literal events of the book of Genesis. Well since the Creationism idea wasn’t taking hold, despite ... Read More »

American Obesity Is Large And In Charge

We all know by now that Americans are too fat. For whatever reason, we are tipping the scales at an alarming rate. In addition to all the health problems and health care costs associated with American obesity, we now have to deal with a new wrinkle. Americans are so fat that airlines are having to remove life vests from planes ... Read More »