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Got Hot Pot?

In a stew as to what to serve your Super Bowl guests? How about Huo Guo? Read More »

Politically Correct Gingerbread

Which one is hotter, ginger or Mary Ann? Read More »

Hummus? Yummus!

If you've got garbanzos and a blender, you've got bean dip! Read More »

It’s Oaky, Not Okie

No matter whether you're from Oklahoma or Okinawa, a little wood in your wine is OK. Read More »

Rhubarb: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

What's all the rhubarb about rhubarb? It's a fruit, it's a vegetable, it's a pie-plant! Read More »

Umami Baby!

Expansionism is everywhere. Even in your mouth. Read More »

Hurrah for the (Your Selection Here) Pie!

Just one song for Thanksgiving? Come on people, we can do better than this! Read More »

Nothing Says Thanksgiving Like Chow Mein

Turkey, Greece, China, Hungary? Here's a suggestion for those American leftovers. Read More »

Two Turtledoves and a Gucci From Italy

A male "purse o'holic" comes out of the closet. Singing. Read More »

The Furthest Point of Sky and Sea

Falling into friendship. It can happen to anyone, any time, any place. Especially on China’s Hainan Island. Read More »