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Avril Lavigne Rebrands Herself as an Imperializing Jack of All Trades

Bad accents and sloppy pronunciations don't hinder the rah-rah punch of "Girlfriend." Read More »

Dead Like Me: The Review

A capsule summary reviewing the entirety of "Dead Like Me." Shame on Showtime for cancelling this masterpiece. Read More »

Review: The Princes of Malibu

Find out what happens when spoiled rich brats act like themselves. Or do something better with your time. I suggest the latter. Read More »

On Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone”

There are some songs that you have to love. Whether you think you’re the long lost clan member of Wu Tang or a Led Zep groupie or if you follow Faith Hill like some sort of goddess (and that may be troubling, though this is not the space to discuss that) or an English grammar loyalist, you have to yield ... Read More »

Four awesome albums by women in 2005.

I’ve taken a lot of flack for the fact that women comprise of about 90% of my musical preferences. Especially because you have your hipsters and classic rock loyalists worshiping music made by men or in the rarest cases, made by women, but that sound like they’re made by men. There’s always been a silent condemnation of the feminine mystique ... Read More »

The Ditty Bops make me wanna shimmy!

Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy along to The Ditty Bops -- contemporary music's best-kept secret. Flapper haircut, dress, and shoes required. Read More »

Spice Girls to reform?

According to Muchmusic.com, Dotmusic.com, and a host of other sites, former Scary Spice Melanie B recently told the British chat show “GMTV” that she’s in talks with the other members of the big 1990’s pop girl group to reunite for a one-off gig in 2006 to celebrate their 10th anniversary. (They hit it huge in the UK back in 1996, ... Read More »

Songstress Anggun glows with “Luminiscence”

French pop star Anggun comes back in full stride with a dazzling third album that's sure to entice you. Read More »

Why Straight Men Should Not Play Games With the Hearts of Gay Men

Gay-Straight relationships can offer many opportunities for confusion to the unwary... Read More »

Unbuttoning the pink collar

Every weekday, I find myself in the throes of the pink collar menagerie, submitting myself to the array of monotonous tasks before me. I copy. I fax. I process paper work. I answer phone calls. I file. I deal with malfunctioning computing equipment that I want to attack with a sledgehammer. Like many perky young ingenues, I find myself part ... Read More »