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Movie Review: Children of Men

A magnificent film to start off awards season with... Read More »

Doha, Qatar Ready to Host The 15th Asian Games

The world's second largest sports event in one of the globe's smallest countries, starts on the 1st of December. Read More »

Ramadan’s Simple Pleasures

There's much more to the month of Ramadan than just fasting. Read More »

Who Created Us?

Just another random creation theory. Read More »

Parliament ends Political Crisis in Kuwait

Ailing Emir is removed by an historic vote, ending a rift within the ruling family. Read More »

Mayday for Mayday?

Will Marvel finally cancel Spider-Girl? Read More »

A Harry Potter Film for Fans

Will we ever get one? Read More »

Book Review:Sakkara by Noel Barber

Sakkara is the story of 2 families, one high-class Egyptian, and the other high-class British. Read More »