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The Concept of Economic Development: A Preamble

money economy

What do we mean when we speak of economic development or, by extension, of economic growth? Do we have a clear idea, or are they just buzzwords we tend to parrot now and then since they’ve become a part of everyday economic jargon? Read More »

The Wretched of the Earth: Hidden Dimensions in Fanon’s Thought – Part 1, Economic Development


The jury is still out as to whether the South American experiment with decolonization is real revolutionary change or just another version of capitalism dressed up in socialist garb. Read More »

The Anarchist’s Dilemma, an Interlude: One Size Doesn’t Fit All!


Can there be such a thing as a comprehensive revolutionary theory, a universal theory of revolutions that would be good for all times and for all seasons? Read More »

The Anarchist’s Dilemma: an Interlude

Perhaps Franz Fanon rather than Michel Foucault should be the voice we ought to heed for having a better grasp of the human condition. Read More »

The Anarchist’s Dilemma; Part One

The concept of tolerance appears to lie at the very heart of the anarchistic thesis. Read More »

On Federalism, Nation-States, and Other Matters

Politics is all that matters. Politics trumps and supersedes all other human forms of organization, because in the final analysis, only politics is about justice and can establish the reign of justice, not only here and now but forever! Read More »

An Inquiry Into the Human Prospect: an Overview, Part Three

There is no political solution, insofar as Heilbroner is concerned, to the kind of global problems and challenges facing humanity today. Read More »

An Inquiry Into the Human Prospect: an Overview, Part Two

Capitalism and socialism are virtually indistinguishable from the standpoint of being able to respond to the challenges facing the human prospect. Read More »

An Inquiry Into the Human Prospect: an Overview, Part One

“. . . the elements of danger in the human prospect are by no means all located in ‘external’ threats, but in our ‘internal’ capacity to respond to those threats.” There's a silver lining, however: they are problems of our own making. Thus, they’re soluble. Read More »

An Inquiry Into the Human Prospect: a Footnote

"Humane society, cohabitation or being...above all earthly things must be maintained." Richard Overton Read More »