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New Terror Attacks in Britain Reportedly Imminent

Britain on "critical" security alert after multiple car bomb attacks. Read More »

Europe Challenges U.S. by Slashing Greenhouse Emissions

Europe is unilaterally cutting greenhouse gas emissions in a bid to get major polluters like the U.S. to the negotiating table. Read More »

Estonians Cast Online Ballots in National Elections

Estonia has just become the world's first country deploying E-balloting nationwide. Read More »

Another British Troop Withdrawal from Iraq

America's closest ally in the Iraqi debacle turns tail. Tony Blair cutting British troop levels yet again. Read More »

Refugee-Friendly Sweden Attracts War-Weary Iraqis

Middle-class Iraqi refugees settling in Sweden Read More »

Arctic Reindeer Face Starvation Threat

Panicky Lapp (sami) tribes seek emergency aid to feed reindeer. Read More »

Elections In Sweden: World’s Happiest People?

The Swedes have more of everything: more holidays, more wall-to-wall welfare and more Volvos, relatively speaking, than almost anybody else. So why the change? Read More »

Rumbling In Paradise – Swedish National Elections on Sunday

Can Persson survive a national turn to the right? Read More »