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Keep On Smokin’

Advocates energy interdependence as a much more rational goal then energy independence which is a pipe dream. Read More »

An Optimum Time for Earnest Racial Dialogue

Attorney General Eric Holder has issued a challenge, and here we go. Read More »

Satire: Message From a Parallel Universe

Perhaps in your world an event as enormously significant has occurred and you will understand our excitement. Read More »

The Birthday Boy Turns 150

"The laws governing inheritance are for the most part unknown." --Charles Darwin Read More »

Mr. President, You Do it All the Time

"I suspect that some readers may find my presentation of these issues to be insufficiently balanced." Barack Obama Read More »

But Who Keeps Score?

In the race to kill the most people in war it's a dead heat for first place. Read More »

Courage, Mr. President

The most important personnel choice any president can be called upon to make is, arguably, nominating a Supreme Court candidate. Read More »

Our Economic Vocabulary

Our use of the D-word and P-word sounds like financial hiccups. Read More »