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Daylight Sheik

I cannot get these lines out of my mind. They have struck a chord and allow me to laugh off frustrations. Duncan Sheik sings them in Good Morning "who needs to join the circus/come on, just look around/we are surrounded/by a bunch of f**king clowns" Read More »

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Sometimes you know after a few listenings that music has staying power. Who won't like it? Those who like simple pop noise. And apparently idiot music executives didn't like it. Read More »

James Taylor – October Road

We could be friends. We are almost the same age. I have listened to him since college. One likes to see one’s friends do good work. October Road is good work. James has made db happy. The new James Taylor CD came out on Tuesday. I had to buy it immediately. I started listening and haven’t stopped. The CD feels ... Read More »