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Movie Review: Dredd 3D

Dredd 3D: How many ways can you blow a man's head off? Read More »

Book Review: New New Media by Paul Levinson

Paul Levinson's New New Media is a guidebook for understanding computer and internet based communications Read More »

Will Revolutionary Geeks and User Generated Content Topple the Ayatollah?

Without shutting down the entire country, Iranian authorities are powerless to stop the flow of election information via the new new media. Read More »

Susan Boyle’s Transformation: We Have Met The Ugly Duckling And He Is Us

Turnabout is fair play as Susan Boyle turns Les Mis into Les Millions in her now famous YouTube fairy tale. Read More »

The Battlestar Galactica Guide to Great Literature

As they contemplated Season Four, Battlestar Galactica's writers confronted the narrative mess of the previous three years and exclaimed "There must be some way out of here!" Read More »

Columbia Journalism Professor Says “F*** New Media!”

An homage to the guidance and sagacity of Columbia University journalism professor Ari Goldman. Read More »

The Decline and Fall of the Times Roman Empire

What we know about the death of newspapers -or- do 400,000 Twitters equal 1 New York Times? Read More »

I’m #26! Yay!

Ranking blogs is so "old media." Read More »

Satire: Un-Buttoning Cinema

Film criticism prospers when time flies like a boomerang. Read More »

What We Know About Battlestar Galactica

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Read More »