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personal trainer marketing

When you want to grow your training business it can be difficult, but if you know about personal trainer marketing you can see that it is rather easy. The problem is that you may not know about what you should highlight in your marketing plan to get new clients. One thing that you should highlight is your experience. By doing ... Read More »

leaky gut

Leaky Gut is a problem that many people might be suffering from. When news about this condition first started coming out, it was met with opposition and was not recognized as a medical condition. People have been gathering information about this problem and it is now much more recognizable than it once was. Still many doctors do not test for ... Read More »

leaky gut syndrome

Millions of people around the globe are suffering from leaky gut syndrome. This is an intestinal dysfunction that causes the intestinal lining to be damaged or altered. Since the intestines are responsible for preventing digested fats, proteins, waste products, toxins, and other harmful substance from entering the blood stream, a damaged intestine can result in these harmful substances entering your ... Read More »

rare coins

Most of us were introduced to rare coins when we were young and someone in our family shared the stories of how they found a certain rare coin in their pocket. When you were old enough, they gave you a coin to cherish and keep. Usually these coins weren’t worth much, unless they contain precious metals like silver. But they ... Read More »

laser rifle scopes

Laser rifle scopes are a great addition to any rifle. When they are mounted on to the rifle correctly the light from the laser mount will line up perfectly with the barrel of the gun. This gives the shooter superior aim and much greater control over where his shot will hit. Laser rifle scopes primarily come in a red diode, ... Read More »

star wars toys

Ever since the first Star Wars film in 1977, Star Wars toys have come to have a force of their own among fans and collectors. Star Wars toys come in all shapes and sizes, representing all six films and encompassing nearly every character in the Star Wars universe. Starting with Star Wars action figures, they range from basic action figures ... Read More »


A PMP will need to take and pass a PMP certification exam in order to qualify as a Project Management Professional. From the beginning of any project all the way through to the end, a PMP-certified project manager has all the skills needed to see the job done right. It asks two hundred questions to test for knowledge in various ... Read More »

project manager

A Project Management Professional certification is recognized by the industry as the most important certification for a project manager. The PMP credential shows that the holder has the necessary experience, has completed the education required and has shown the competency to manage projects successfully. In order to apply to be a Project Management Professional, the applicant must have a bachelor’s ... Read More »

online reputation management

Online Reputation Management is vital to the overall success of all companies. Online reputation management involves clever SEO techniques and close monitoring of what type of information is circulating around the internet concerning the company. This is usually tracked through search engine rankings which can be altered with backlinks. The basic concept behind ORM is to remove or push down ... Read More »

craig ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne is a Strength and Conditioning coach in Toronto, a Men’s Health magazine training expert, and a member of the Training Advisory Board for Oxygen magazine. Craig is known all over the blogosphere for his innovative training program Turbulence Training. Craig’s fat loss, muscle-building website Turbulence Training features his best-selling Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program and his members ... Read More »