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Mind Time

Neuroscientist Benjamin Libet has done pioneering experiments which provide the best evidence available with regard to the question of free will. He’s one of the first scientists to study the subjective experiences of conscious awareness and correlate them with activity in the brain. In his best known experiment, he showed that before a voluntary action let’s say a person decides to ... Read More »

Quantum Evolution

A molecular geneticist presents a radical theory of evolution and consciousness Read More »

The Mind and the Brain

A psychiatrist expert in OCD presents evidence that an immaterial mind can affect the physical brain Read More »

A Stone of Hope

The 1960's civil rights movement was as much a religious revival as a liberal political movement. Read More »

Proverbs of Ashes

The authors argue that the Christian focus on Jesus' suffering encourages women to remain in abusive relationships. Read More »


The memoir of a child who endured a strange form of abuse called Munchausen by Proxy Read More »

God’s Politics

An evangelical Christian proposes a new political agenda for religious liberals Read More »

A New Christianity For A New World

A nontheistic Episcopal Bishop proposes a radical reform of Christianity Read More »

America’s Right Turn by Richard A. Viguerie & David Franke

Not a polemic, this book by conservative fundraisers is more of a how-to manual useful to political organizers of any stripe. Read More »

The Serenity Prayer by Elisabeth Sifton

The daughter of the creator of the Serenity Prayer details the context leading to its creation during the dark days of World War II. Read More »