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The VT Massacre: Using English Teachers as a Defense

To be an effective writer, you have to be a little crazy. Read More »

The World Needs Garden Tools Like Don Imus

Censorship, in any form, is unacceptable. Read More »

TV Review: Adventures in HollyHood

It's not a reality show; it's a Punk'd extended skit. Funny, Ashton, funny. Read More »

Movie Review: I Think I Love My Wife

It's a gut check movie for married and single folk alike. Read More »

Banning The “N-Word” Makes No Sense

Putting the cuffs on offensive language is meaningless. Read More »

The Etiquette of Dining Out: Use Your Inside Voice!

While cities try to improve the dining experience by banning cigarette smoke, here's another ban to consider: loud people. Read More »

Mary J. Blige: The Blessing of a Breakthrough

Regardless of whether MJB wins one (or more) of her eight Grammy nominations, she has already won with her fans. Read More »

Progress After “The Soul Bowl”

How should younger African-Americans follow Lovie's and Tony's example? Read More »

On Corporate Media

I never expected two corporate owned TV stations to try and pull the same scam. Read More »