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The Pot and The Kettle: Which One’s Iran?

Iran is a terrible, horrible country and if they were to follow the American model, we would be in terrible trouble. Read More »

Please Move On

A New Yorker's reflection on how 9/11 has changed even small intimate parts of our lives. Read More »

Baa Baa Black Sheep and an Angry Navratilova

Can bio-engineers deliver world peace where politicians, philosophers and clergy have failed? Read More »

An Exhausted Gay American

No one is harmed by protecting civil rights. Everyone is harmed by restricting them. Read More »

I Probably Hate You

Have we become the most hate-obsessed culture on earth? Read More »

Omerta vs Constitutional Law

Congress seems more subject to the rule of Omerta than the rule of constitutional law and justice. Read More »

The Real Ford Legacy: Queens of Denial

This is a good time to remember that Gerald Ford created the Presidential "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" card. Read More »

Baghdad Streets: Kidnapped American Style

Should the seizure of accredited diplomats and the authority of a legally elected president be subject to American whim? Read More »

Ellen vs. Rosie

Rosie is a lesbian circus act while Ellen is a brilliant comic and host who is openly gay. Read More »

New Jersey Civil Unions: Separate But Equal

New Jersey has just become the second state to legalize same sex civil unions, aka second class marriage. Read More »