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Movie Review: Sicko

How sick is Sicko? Read More »

Movie Review: Borat

You heard about the lawsuits or potential lawsuits arising out of the controversial film. Here's a review of the movie that started it all. Read More »

Movie Review: Casino Royale (Bond)

James Bond a poker player? You bet. In the latest installment of Bond, the filmmakers have reset the franchise with a superb story and inspired casting. Read More »

Book Review: One Man’s Wilderness

The ground has been trod before. Henry David Thoreau’s Walden traversed it skillfully, for example. Nevertheless, One Man’s Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey by Sam Keith stands on its own as a text exploring an isolated life. The book records Richard Proenneke’s 16-month adventure living off the land in an Alaskan wilderness. While the book is written in the first-person (“I”), ... Read More »

Book Review: Rough Edges

While in law school, James Rogan interviewed with a law firm. The interviewer chastised him for violating the supposed “cardinal rule” of resumes&#8212he exceeded one page. When the interviewer questioned why the one page rule went unheeded, Mr. Rogan balled up the resume and threw it at him with an explanation. “Because I didn’t live a one page life.” This ... Read More »

Book Review: The Masked Rider by Neil Peart

There oughtta be a law against it. Some people are just so talented. Read More »

Review: Grizzly Man

I love documentaries. At least, good ones, like Hoop Dreams, Roger & Me, Stevie and I pulled in another worthy documentary over the Labor Day weekend: Grizzly Man. This movie chronicles the story of Timothy Treadwell. Without any weapon, Mr. Treadwell lived among bears in a remote part of Alaska for 13 summers. He recorded his interactions with them ... Read More »

Book Review: iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business

Exploring Jobs' ascendancy in three highly competitive fields: computers (Apple), movies (Pixar), and music (iPod/iTunes)... Read More »

Movie/DVD Review: Stevie

What’s the mark of a good movie? Emotionally affecting? Thought-provoking? Engaging story? If you believe all or some of these are hallmarks of a good film, I recommend Stevie (2003), which I saw on DVD. Stevie is a documentary crafted by a maker of another compelling movie, Hoop Dreams (1994), Steve James. The title, Stevie, is not a self-aggrandizing reference ... Read More »

Ultramarathon Man

Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of a Midnight Runner (2005) by Dean Karnazes is the best of the cluster of books I have just finished. In terms of sheer entertainment value, Ultramarathon Man is the best I’ve read in the past few years. If you like Jon Kraukauer’s fare of adventure stories (e.g., Into Thin Air, Into the Wild, and Eiger Dreams), ... Read More »