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PC Game Review: Black & White 2

A heavenly gaming experience or hellish torture? Read More »

PC Game Review: X-Men Legends II

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a certain nerdy fondness for X-Men. Perhaps it’s because as a child I was an obsessive fanboy over Fox’s X-Men animated series (I still maintain that it’s one of the best cartoons ever). I used to get distraught whenever the network changed the show’s timeslot, fearing they had confirmed my worst ... Read More »

Liberating libertarianism from the lunatics

I consider myself a proud supporter of basic libertarian tenets, such as a small government. Why, then, won’t I ever vote for the Libertarian Party? Read More »

Presenting The New Face Of Evil

How PowerPoint - Microsoft's most dastardly creation - is destroying society at every fundamental level. Read More »