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Screwing up – affording music – changing the way businesses deliver

I made this mistake that I have a tendency to do whenever the opportunity presents itself–I identified Hyundai as a Japanese automaker in a blog entry I posted below and in my BlogforBusiness. I fixed the last entry here when someone commented, and the one in B4B after the blogmaster of a very interesting new blog SellToJapan pointed out my ... Read More »

The East sets the standard again

Fantastic news for music-loving drivers. If you haven’t yet heard much about XM radio, get ready to be informed. Hyundai is the first automaker to launch XM Satellite Radio as standard, factory-installed equipment in every vehicle across its entire model line-up. Where the Japanese–and increasingly,the Koreans–go, so usually go the rest of us. The first time I heard about XM ... Read More »

You cut WHAT?

Oh, my. I’ve never seen the “extras” on a DVD, having just started being able to view DVDs at all about a month ago. This movie I watched tonight, Men of Honor, which I saw for the first time several years ago, is the first on which I’ve been easily able to view scenes that were cut. This is an ... Read More »

Outrageous exec payoffs–performance be damned

What makes a person into a top executive? Brains, high-profile degrees and accompanying support networks, daddy or mommy’s money, luck, sharp political skills, etc. etc. Take your pick. Whatever combnation gets a guy (or the rare female) into the top office, that exec has a ton of responsibility. Love this high-level dictionary definition of responsibility: The social force that binds ... Read More »

Ultimate Revenge

Movie Sleepers on DVD. All about revenge. For the worst kinds of violations, yes. Good movie–skip the torture parts if your stomach is weak. Like when I was a kid and I learned not to lie–because when I got caught, the consequences weren’t pretty. I didn’t like what happened, so I got the message. Revenge, almost the same thing. I ... Read More »

The trend is “slow down”

It was bound to happen. As baby boomers jog up on 60, their bodies begin to protest a bit more. The breakneck pace of some exercise classes starts to knock out more people–at least temporarily–with injuries. Tennis elbow, torn Achilles tendons, wrenched knees, sprained ankles, back problems and more plague the forever-youthful-wannabes. So now, in addition to the burgeoning number ... Read More »

Air traffic up, forecast dim–Europe owning US carriers?

Japan and other countries own a substantial portion of the United States national debt, according to my financial advisor. A little scary to think what might happen if they all decided to call it in at the same time. And other financial guys are saying air traffic is going up (faster, in fact, than capacity), but as indvidual fares continue ... Read More »

Free speech for bloggers at risk

Apple Computer wins this round. A judge ruled that 3 bloggers must reveal their sources and blow the whistle on some employees who supposedly leaked trade secrets. The protections that mainstream journalists enjoy should extend to bloggers–after all, what are we but reporters that no one’s paying? Well, I guess you could say we’re a few other things… I don’t ... Read More »

Million dollar man

Clint Eastwood is getting old–and he’s living proof that the Oriental cultures have it right. Million Dollar Baby swept the top Oscars (saw it last night and could see why). My friend cynically described it as: “…a pretty good movie, and just a little bit soapy.” Compelling is more the word I would use. Very much about real people and ... Read More »