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Who Needs an Office?

I love not being tied to the office–but if I want a decent screen size, it means a damn heavy laptop to lug around, and I gotta do some major prep work to take my gear on the road. Now what if you could take your computer to research sessions, meetings, seminars, etc. with little more effort than carrying a ... Read More »

Privacy? Nope–“1984” on tech steroids

Now I ask you, do you hit “Send” to inform Microsoft every time that little dialog box pops up when a program–like Word–crashes again? I guess Microsoft is getting edgy about us not sending them the information that want. Yep, Big-Brother-Software-Giant is putting spies in your computer. This time it’s not Hal talking; it’s a Microsoft ‘black box’ for Windows. ... Read More »

Venture capital ain’t all there is

Not being a gambler, I like to put my money where I can at least pretend I have a reasonable chance of a decent return. Venture capitalists aren’t any different. They like the sure thing as much as the next guy. Which is why Ohio should be happy to hear the news that Crain’s Cleveland Business reported today. BioEnterprise, the ... Read More »

Networking–a qualitative difference

I hate networking. But this week I attended an event that fits the definition but leaves out the pain. NEOBio, the umbrella organization for Northeast Ohio bioscience people, kicked back into life this week with a gathering hosted at Thomson, Hine’s downtown offices. Check out the cool photo. NEObio is about building relationships. It’s a better way to network. Read More »

Capitalists–the good guys

Capitalists sometimes get a bad rap. But not lately in the Northeast Ohio area. There’s a new force out there–called Capitalist Cleveland–that’s proclaiming the glories of capitalism. They’re crying out the good news about how local entrepreneurs are bringing home the bacon for themselves and frying more of it for others in the form of jobs. Don Larson and Jeff ... Read More »

AP challenges Apple ruling

How do we decide who’s right? Yes, there are always two sides to a story, and a fellow BlogCritics blogger made a good point that the bloggers being sued should have refrained from publishing information they knew to be secret. But now come the official agencies of the news–The Associated Press, for heavenssake–claiming they shouldn’t have had to make that ... Read More »

No More Film?

It makes an awful lot of sense. Digital technology is fast replacing everything from film photographs to taped music. The Disney studios are saying that the movie theater format is next to go: “I’m referring to digital cinema. In today’s world you go to a theater to view a piece of 35-millimeter film that uses an intense light source behind ... Read More »

RFID tags for IVF eggs

Never thought barcodes would get into this arena. Apparently a UK couple finally conceived a child by in vitro fertilization (IVF)–but the child turned out to be of mixed race while they were both Caucasian. Employees at IVF clinics are just as likely as any worker to make a mistake–except the consequences of mixing genetic material can be much weightier. ... Read More »

Grrrrrr!!…cough, cough

This blows my mind. A British study has found that the amount of stress (as measured by heart rate and blood pressure) commuters stuck in traffic feel is greater than that of riot police and combat pilots. The reason (of course): being unable to do anything to change your situation (guns and bombs don’t make good tactical weapons in a ... Read More »

“All-natural deodorizer also kills germs”… No, for real this time

I cannot believe this. The Japanese–perhaps in their tiny country, this is a case of necessity being the mother of invention–have invented a totally organic compound that literally deactivates deadly microorganisms in garbage dumps–and eliminates the worst of the smell. Think about that for a minute. Flies no longer hang around garbage dumps treated with this mixture–called Effective Microorganisms, or ... Read More »