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When a Mogul Dies Young: Book Review

Tea and gentleness. A soft Saturday morning afloat with music that soothes but doesn’t demand&#8212sweet violin sounds, thoughtful piano riffs. Melodies emanating from the haunting pipes of South America. This is a joy I have forsaken for many months&#8212getting up on Saturday morning and not opening the email or reviewing the task list. This is my favorite time&#8212feeling so alive, ... Read More »

Positve emotions = all good

The evidence is in, and it’s conclusive. Heartmath.org is a site full of scientific research findings about the strength of the heart for creating health. Yep, that’s right. Your heart can create good health–and you can control it. This is revolutionary stuff that huge corporations like Hewlett Packard are paying big bucks to put their executives through. And recently they ... Read More »

Michael Jackson: What Price Wealth?

Compare the case of Michael Jackson, just acquitted on charges of child molesting with the many Catholic priests who molested children in their charge. I have paid as little attention to this case as is possible in a world where every available news source has been lasering in on it for months. My admiration for Michael Jackson as a musical ... Read More »

Unbelievable: a mouse that takes fingerprints

Too much. If you worry about security for transactions over the Internet (maybe your bank account, your web-based email) you can spend $59 and get the Biometric Mouse Password Manager which, says this eWeek report, is a USB optical mouse that reads fingerprints and works with a password system for Windows systems. Of course, you have to remember to carry ... Read More »

Success with Adobe InDesign CS

As a fairly proficient user of Pagemaker 6.5, I expected to be able to start using InDesign pretty easily. It didn’t happen. So if a how-to book can take me from barely even being able to get a new document open in a software program, to completing an entire client project in that program over a weekend, I’d say it’s ... Read More »

Fear makes for poor ethics

If we think the stockholders at Enron and other high-profile corporate cheaters got hurt, what about disabled people in the Washington, DC area who rely on a subsidized public access bus service to get to work–and their buses often arrive hours late or don’t show up at all? Washington Post reports this bus company is lying about its on-time statistics–and ... Read More »

Hustling for pool

The Hustler. If you’ve never seen it, and you think it’s all about pool, you’re wrong. It’s really a story about a few dynamic, fascinating but lost souls who find each other and, for some little time, give each other joy and comfort. They love each other in some very real ways–but their junk gets in their way. Paul Newman, ... Read More »

Reuters headline shows power of blogs

I gotta tell ya, the very fact that a major news wire carries a story with a headline like this–“Study: Blogs haven’t displaced media”–and that Pew and all those guys spent all that time analyzing this topic–is just another sign of how powerful an influence blogs are becoming. The study contrasted the influence of blogs as compared to mainstream media ... Read More »

Cellphone tax?

Are you willing to pay a cellphone tax to keep your city solvent? Baltimore and other cities are trying it, but cellphone companies are crying foul. Why should cellphone use, they say, be singled out for sin-taxing like tobacco? “In Cities Facing Budget Deficits, Cellphone Becomes a Taxpayer”Cingular Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile filed a lawsuit in February in ... Read More »