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Book Review: Word Annoyances

If you’ve ever said — even under your breath — “I hate Word,” you’ll like this book. The book has answers for dozens of the little aggravations that Word visits upon you. It solves things you thought you just had to live with (though you knew you’d never forgive the programmers at Microsoft who made them this way). The author ... Read More »

How do YOU decide where to live?

When in a Chicago hotel, do as the other guests do, right? Since I normally never read newspapers (learned this from a very wise sales trainer–Want to keep your mind clear and your attitude upbeat? Don’t read or listen to the news–especially in the morning when its negative energy can follow you all day long), decided to see what was ... Read More »

The illegal aliens dilemma

We all like a bargain, right? It’s not saying too much that most people prefer if possible to pay the lowest price they can find for any particular item. And that’s a reasonable attitude. But the fact is we can’t have it both ways. In Herndon, an area around Washington, D.C., they apparently have a problem with great crowds of ... Read More »

Spacey space guys

Okay, falling foam chunks. Seems like such a small thing… I just made the mistake of getting the old movie “The Right Stuff,” which I had always wanted to see, only to discover it was a very poorly made movie. Plot was rambling; acting was okay but when you have a crappy script, what can you do? Anyway, what I ... Read More »

Goin’ South with Jack Nicholson

Henry Lloyd Moon, he plays. Man, I’ve never seen Jack Nicholson so charming. And now I know why they picked Mary Steenbergen for Back to the Future. Happened to stumble on a biography of Jack Nicholson during a down time on my last trip to Chicago. Mentioned all his movies–had never heard of this one, Goin’ South, but it sounded ... Read More »