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Facebook and Google to Contribute to $3 Million in Annual Prizes for Curing Diseases

Facebook and Google revenue to contribute to $3 million annual prize to scientists curing diseases. Read More »

Netflix Signs New Licensing Deal with Turner Broadcasting Network and Warner

Expanded deal between Netflix and the Turner Broadcasting network and Warner Bros for streaming TV shows, results in Netflix diversifying its content catalogue. Read More »

The Fuji X100S May Look Similar To Its Predecessor, But It Has Improved In Almost Every Respect

In 2013, camera companies will be struggling to compete against current generation smartphones, which are providing increasingly better incorporated cameras. Read More »

Top 5 Simple Exercises to Reduce Eyestrain and Improve Vision

Vision therapy describes a set of non-invasive techniques meant to correct vision defects or improve visual skills. Read More »

Soy Protein Heals Liver Disease and Reduces Cell Damage in Obese Test Subjects

Researchers have found benefits arise from the consumption of soy protein in addition to providing a healthier choice for nutrition. Read More »

Can the Release of the New iPad 3 Help Finance your Own iPad 2?

The price of the iPad 2 is dropping rapidly and users are trying to get the highest return they can on their purchase. Read More »

iPad3 Coming Soon, Fast and Furious

We are ready for the new iPad3 today, however we have to wait ... question is for how long? Read More »

Ipad3: Bigger, Better, Faster and Available Now!

The rumors that are circulating around the Web about the new iPad3 release rings true. Following breaks down what can be expected. Read More »

Study Suggests Soy Products Prevent Breast Cancer

Studies have been done offering a different prospective on soy products and how they may aid in healing and prevention. Read More »

Apple Announces iPad 3 Launch Event for March

Apple finally sets the iPad 3 launch event date for March 7. The highly anticipated iPad will likely feature the renowned Retina Display, a powerful camera and an upgraded processor. Read More »